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Five new procedures to OP “Administrative capacity” started on March 31

       Five new procedures to OPAC for providing grants were opened on March 31. The procedures which are directed mainly to the public administration are as follows:

1. Open procedure “Effective coordination and partnership for development and implementation of policies”

2. Open procedure “Modern human resources management in public administration”

3.  Open procedure “Improvement of services for citizens and business, including through the development of e-Government”

4.  Procedure for direct beneficiaries “Modern human resources management in public administration”

5.  Procedure for direct beneficiaries “Transnational and interregional cooperation”

Proposals to the first and third open procedures may submit the central administrations, to the second procedure - the central, regional and municipal administrations and the forth and fifth procedures are for direct beneficiaries – respectively the administrations of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Finance. The deadline for submission of proposals to the five procedures is June 1, 2010, 5:30 pm.

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