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Indicative plans for application under the Rural Development Programme in 2014

At a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Food, the State fund for Agriculture presented the plans for opening project application periods under the RDP in 2014 .
Under RDP 2007 -2013  in February 2014 is expected to be announced open window for project proposals under measures 223 " First afforestation of non-agricultural land " and 226 " Restoring forestry potential and introducing prevention actions ." Residual budgets are respectively 5 million under measure 223 and 15 million under measure 226 .
It is expected that the consultations with the EC on the text of the measure 125 " Infrastructure related to the development and adaptation of agriculture and forestry will be soon completed. After final approval of the European Commission, the measure could be opened and “the resources will be directed to the repair of the irrigation infrastructure. Prospective budget is about 90 million, funds will be provided at the expense of free financial resources from unused portfolios of commercial banks serving the guarantee scheme under the RDP.
During the campaign for compensatory payments , which in terms of the first layer should be completed by the end of January and for which the financial resources have been ensured,  applications will be accepted for  part of the compensatory measures 211 and 212 ( LFA ) . Payment will be made under Measure 214 "Agri-environmental payments" for the already started 5 -year commitments.
The indicative budget ??for the RDP 2014-2020, will be approved by September. On own risk and with own funds Bulgaria will be able to open at several stages separate measures agreed with the EC. Allocated funds will be refunded upon final approval of the entire program .
The first measure , which will be launched in this way before formal approval (probably in May ) will be to provide start up-support for young farmers . After the official approval of the RDP 2014-2020, in the autumn of 2014 is expected to be announced the application call under " Investments in physical assets " for activities related to the modernization of farmers ( analog current measure 121). Financial resources will be directed primarily towards the fruit and vegetable sectors . At the end of 2014 will start the " municipal " measure related to improving public infrastructure.

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