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New procedures under OP "Innovations and competitiveness"


Discussion " Together we can do more" part of the campaign "To create Bulgaria 2020 together "


On 26 March 2015 in the European Commission Representation office in Bulgaria, Denitsa Nikolova moderated a discussion "Together we can do more" organized by the Regional Information Center Sofia in partnership with the Bulgarian Association of the European Programs Consultants, the SOS entrepreneurs foundation and the Professional association European and National Development Programs.

The Rural development programme launches the first call for agricultural producers in April


EU will invest 1.18 billion euro of regional funds in Bulgaria for economic growth and support to SMEs


EU Consult Ltd. ranks in the Top 100 companies leading in Bulgarian economy in 2013


BCCI presented the "TOP 100 leading companies in the Bulgarian economy for 2013". The rating is issued for 16th year in a row and presents the companies with the best achievements for the year in five categories. The performance of the 6230 companies have been studied, producing 82.05% of the GDP in 2013. The methodology of "TOP 100" includes only objective financial indicators. EU Consult has been ranked for the second time in the Top 100, ranking now 65th.

Indicative plans for application under the Rural Development Programme in 2014


At a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Food, the State fund for Agriculture presented the plans for opening project application periods under the RDP in 2014 . Under RDP in February 2014 is expected to be announced open window for project proposals under measures 223 " First afforestation of non-agricultural land " and 226 " Restoring forestry potential and introducing prevention actions ." Residual budgets are respectively 5 million under measure 223 and 15 million under measure 226 .

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